Advanced Emissions Solutions Companies

Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. is a leader in clean coal technology and the associated specialty chemicals, serving the coal-fueled power plant industry. Our proprietary environmental technologies and specialty chemicals enable power plants to enhance existing air pollution control equipment, minimize mercury, acid gases, and other emissions, maximize capacity, and improve operating efficiency to meet the challenges of existing and pending emission control regulations. Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. serves as the holding company for ADA-ES, Inc. and is an owner in Tinuum Group, LLC.

ADA-logo-with-Tagline-PNG1ADA-ES, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc., a holding company focused on emissions solutions for customers in power generation and other industries. ADA, with more than 25 years of extensive experience in developing advanced mercury and acid gas control solutions, is delivering proprietary environmental technologies, equipment and specialty chemicals that enable coal-fueled power plants to meet emissions regulations. These solutions enhance existing air pollution control equipment, maximizing capacity and improving operating efficiencies.

The company’s industry-leading solutions include: M-Prove™ Coal Additive Technology, which reduces mercury emissions; Activated Carbon Injection (“ACI”) equipment for mercury control; Dry Sorbent Injection (“DSI”) equipment for acid gases; RESPond® Flue Gas Conditioning Technology to improve particulate capture in electrostatic precipitators; and other offerings in support of our customers’ emissions compliance strategies. A trusted partner to America’s top energy producers, ADA is actively developing new technologies to advance cleaner energy.

CCS-Condensed-FOnt-1024x383Through Tinuum Group, LLC, we provide our patented Refined Coal (“RC”) CyClean™ technology to enhance combustion of and reduce emissions of NOx and mercury from coals in cyclone boilers and our patent pending M-45™ and M-45-PC™ technologies for Circulating Fluidized Boilers and Pulverized Coal boilers respectively.